A Paradox —

One may only get that which he is willing to let go of.

The cool water of the running stream may be scooped up with

open, overflowing palms.

It cannot be grasped up to the mouth

with clenching fists,

no matter what thirst motivates

our desperate grab.

Sheldon Kopp, The Buddha Book

The implications of this truth are vast, in physics, relationships, personality, character, and –most important and urgent — politics and public policies. We Americans ignore it at our peril.

(I urge everyone to get hold of the Summer 2011 catalog of Penzeys Spices, of all things. Not necessarily to order spices — although I use lots of Penzeys spices myself — but to read Bill Penzey’s “One for the Road” with which he concludes every issue. His is an extraordinary statement, and the cooking stories of contributors, which always appear in every issue, are extraordinary this time as well. Here are real people of Wisconsin — in their own unfiltered voices.)

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2 Responses to A Paradox —

  1. tricia says:

    Really lovely poem—it’s a good reminder to not grab too hard at what we “think” we want most. Instead, feeling with our hearts and letting some space and time do some work is what we need to remember. Thank you! ~Tricia

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