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Summer Sky —

Tender green, clear sky blue, a little lamb of a cloud, the essence of SUMMER!

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The City of Light

I guess after seeing Woody Allen’s latest, Midnight in Paris, I’ve got Paris On My Mind. Specifically, the marvelous Deco lampposts of The City of Light keep coming back to me. I see them in my mind’s eye, and thus, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

When, even though it’s summer, the weather is chilly and a little raw, the sky is gray, the drizzle’s erratic — Refreshment comes in forms both warm and sweet: A cup of rich hot chocolate at Chocolate Springs, with a … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn Down

Erosion from waves, and from time, conspire to produce these dramatic rock fragments at the edge of the Japan Sea: And to show you the broader landscape in which those strange rock fragments are embedded:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn Remains of the Day

The day began bright and sunny in Tucson with orange streaks — Was a bright cloudless blue for hours and hours, until at last, it wore out, and here, after sundown, are the Remains of the Day:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn with Age

They don’t call our ancient region “rock-ribb’d New England” for nothing! This ledge of rock girds the doorway of a house on a hill in Lee, MA.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn Well

In a solemn Palm Sunday procession through the steep calles of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a face stands out in the throng — an old face, worn, well lived-in, achieving the beauty of age and dignity:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

A very congenial theme! Looking through my photo archives, how many things worn have appealed to me — walls, rocks, days, doors, faces — Here’s the first one, a wall in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico:

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Stepping Into the Picture

Out in a nondescript parking lot, racking my brains for a photo idea, reduced to signs saying Fire Lane and No Parking painted on the ground— and finally, to my own shadow. And look what came out: My intruding Merrells … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

For a lot of people — resident husband included — breakfast is synonymous with COFFEE. And so here we have the principal ingredient: (Not for yours truly — I’m strictly a tea drinker, but in the USA, I’m in the … Continue reading

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