Pass through this unremarkable door —

and enter into another world, one that transcends time and space, so that you can visit a forty-room Austrian palace, with its antechamber:

and its grand dining room:

And then, when you’ve sampled enough of its pleasures, you can turn a corner and find yourself in the 17th century where, in the kitchen of a fine French chateau, a bonne is rolling out some tartes aux pommes:

while above in the drawing room, the aristocratic homeowner and his lady are teaching their — what else? — French poodle to dance:

A few steps beyond you may find yourself in 18th century London, preparing to enter an elegant shop on Regent Street:

Oh there’s so much more to see — but by now perhaps you’re getting a little tired and hungry. So go back through that unremarkable door to discover that —

sometime during your visit to this lilliputian land, you too have shrunk!

Or so you may feel, after being absorbed into the world of the Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, in Tucson, Arizona, a place of total enchantment for anyone enthralled with the idea of the tiny.

If you, like me, never stopped loving little things, dolls and dollhouses and miniature rooms and replicas of all kinds — this magical Tucson museum is a don’t-miss!

(Jonathan Swift’s immortal Gulliver’s Travels brought his decidedly unheroic hero to the land of the little people, the Lilliputians, where he was a towering giant; and then to the land of the Brobdingnagians, where he was a child’s plaything for the huge people. The book was an enormous success in the 18th century, popular around the world, and continued so into the 20th century. Dr. Samuel Johnson, the 18th century writer, encyclopedist and wit, was less impressed. “When once you have thought of big men and little men, it is very easy to do all the rest,” he is recorded to have said.)

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11 Responses to WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: tiny

  1. Therese says:

    Fascinating. Frank looks great too!

  2. Mayfielder says:

    A good post, very original.

  3. barb19 says:

    Great post, love the interesting facts with it.

  4. Stef says:

    What a cool ‘double’ door. Just goes to show things are not always as they seem… 😉

  5. Pat Arnell says:

    We are so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to The Mini-Time Machine. The
    pictures and presentation are wonderful. Thank you for posting them, and come and
    visit us again !
    Pat Arnell

  6. What a fun and unexpected ending! You provided me with a smile to start my day. I am thankful for that. I hope you have a good day as well.


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