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Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

The wonderment of water —

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Weekly Photo Challenge: WATER

Sailing into New York harbor at 6 am, standing on the deck of the Ile de France, and who even remembers that ship any more? It was so long ago that everyone who went to Europe still went by ship, … Continue reading

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Guess What?

In case anyone was wondering —-

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Insignificance —

It doesn’t take an earthquake, or a tsunami, or a tornado to show the insignificance of human beings in the natural world. Here, in a “normal” setting in Shimane Prefecture, Japan, is a gorge called by a picturesque name, “Even … Continue reading

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tiny — christmas ornaments

Here’s St. Nicholas, accompanied by Zelda the sheep, under our 3-foot-high tabletop Christmas tree:

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Pass through this unremarkable door — and enter into another world, one that transcends time and space, so that you can visit a forty-room Austrian palace, with its antechamber: and its grand dining room: And then, when you’ve sampled enough … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Still MORE Red

This time the red is supplied by guest photographer Martin Greene, and as usual with Martin’s photos, it’s spectacular — banners at Lincoln Center’s New York State Theater:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MORE RED

All it’s done for a week is rain — drool, spit, drizzle, pour– and the skies are perpetually gray. What a contrast to the bright blue skies and brilliant sunlight of Arizona! And we live in the Northeast — why? … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: RED

In Mexico, it’s ROJO — Here in San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city in the mountains of Central Mexico, even the crumbling fragments of walls are beautiful in any language:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: RED

Paint the town/blog red! So many images to choose from, so much energy to liberate. Here’s the first, today: At the Farmer’s Market

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