Meditation WHERE?

Lots of my friends and acquaintance are deeply into meditation. Depending on their years and experience and personality, they have different views about where and how to practise it. (One of my closest blogging companions is off on a preciously anticipated three-day retreat this very weekend.)

Truth is, the way is always open, everywhere — if we could just realize it. Mostly we don’t. Here’s someone on the way; whether or not she was aware of it, I have no idea. But she sat there for a long time, calm, still, just sitting.

Just-sitting, shikentaza, was my own favorite practice, and this photo is as good an image of it as any:

Oh, yeah. It’s a shopping mall. Like that makes a difference? Not.

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4 Responses to Meditation WHERE?

  1. Pauline says:

    My teachers called it “spacing out.” My mother called it wool gathering. I call it peace 🙂

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