A is for Apple — Again

I covet the new MacBook Air so much I can practically taste it —

But I’ll probably never have one, as it’s strictly a luxury item. This display, at the Apple Store at La Encantada, really got me — but which photo gets the “airy” nature of the charming little creature better?

This one?

Special Sale for Airheads!

Or this one?

MacAir on the Way Up!

Many of you out there are extraordinary photographers, and I welcome your choice between the two, and your reasons, so that I can learn something from you via cyberspace.

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3 Responses to A is for Apple — Again

  1. xties says:

    Why choose between the two?

    In terms of communicating the message, “Special Sale for Airheads!” shows more clearly and more directly what the marketing department intended; in terms of creating an image that gives immediate pleasure but keeps me looking, “MacAir on the Way Up!” has much to recommend it.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Thank you so much! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for —
      I kept wondering why the second image “MacAir on the Way Up” kept pushing its way into my mind when the other photo seemed so much “better” arranged —
      and now I know.

      • xties says:

        If I might offer a technical suggestion: at the top of “MacAir on the Way Up”, the balloon is cropped; you might look at cropping the bed of balloons (such a lot of them) at the base of the image … to find a more satisfying balance.

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