Arizona Geometrics

Some visitors here, not all, know that I have two blogs: Touch2Touch, and A View from the Woods. Back in dim blogging history when I began, I had a semi-clear vision of the difference between them. One would deal with ideas; the other, with nature and a new life in the Berkshires.

That didn’t last long. A simpler categorization gradually took over, and now, simply put: T2T deals with thoughts in words, View, with thoughts in pictures. Usually it’s pretty clear-cut where any post belongs.

But today, exceptionally, I’m using the same post on both blogs, words and pictures being alike inadequate to the immensity of the mountains and desert.

It’s a platitude that the desert is stark. The truth? Yes and no.

But what I was struck by, waking up the first morning in our friends’ home in Tucson, was the dawn through the window. A stark square.

And the rest of the morning, it was geometrics that beckoned to my camera. Here’s a sequence, taken in their backyard. The Catalina Mountains lie beyond, but these are taken before I lift up my eyes to the hills —






And for a change of pace, an Arizona toucan (very rare bird!) which we presented to our friends years ago back in Darien, CT, and which has faithfully accompanied them to the Southwest:


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6 Responses to Arizona Geometrics

  1. xties says:

    Dawn: especially appealing to my minimalist eye. Thanks for sharing these shots.

  2. Stef says:

    Ooohhh….the cohesiveness of these images really spoke to me. I do think they are stark; but I also find some beauty in their rustic simplicity. (Which, I have to admit, I usually don’t see in desert settings.) Powerful. Thank you for shifting my POV a bit this morning!

  3. ceceliafutch says:

    I love the desert, so your photos were a treat to my eyes. The simplicity, the light, the shadows, the beauty of it which you captured so well, nourish my soul this morning. Great post. Thank you.

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