Another View of the Ocean —

— comes from photographer Martin Greene (who’s generously shared his photos with us before).

About this one Martin writes:  “This is the Bay of Fundy, on the Altantic Coast of Nova Scotia. It has the world’s highest and lowest tides, each twice per day.  This photo shows it at low tide when boats are land locked and one can walk out along the beach great distances.”

Martin’s website has some extraordinary shots from his recent photographic safari in Tanzania, including a charging elephant which must have tested his sang-froid (it certainly would have tested mine). But he stood his ground and got his photos — including hippos (my favorite) and lions and zebras, oh my!

P.S. For the significance of the change in the blog header photo (besides the disappearance, at last, of the snow),  please click on About

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1 Response to Another View of the Ocean —

  1. Stef says:

    What an amazing thing to be able to do – to walk IN the ocean without getting wet. Wild…

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