Abstracts for the Abstracted (2) —

I’m abstracted, that is:

Separated or disconnected; withdrawn; removed; apart; Separated from matter; abstract; ideal; Abstract; abstruse; difficult; Inattentive to surrounding objects; absent in mind.

Reason? Moving! There are probably worse things than moving house, but it’s right up there as far as I’m concerned. So no words here for a while, we’ll stick to abstract photos for the abstracted:

These are roof tiles in Cuenca, Spain —



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4 Responses to Abstracts for the Abstracted (2) —

  1. Claudia Shuster says:

    I think the in-between phase of house changing can be most difficult -giving the feeling of not really having a home. Soon you will create your new HOME and return to reality from abstraction! – C

  2. Stef says:

    The roof tiles look a little askew and perhaps distracted as well; a fitting image for your day on many different levels, non?

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