We Are More Than Shadows —-

As a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow, and as a celebration of International Women’s Day, my blogging friend Tarkan, in Istanbul, created this eye-catching poster. Look closely at the figure, and at the shadow:

(You can read a very moving plea about women’s life in Turkey if you click on his link; the blog is in Turkish, but Tarkan has translated a portion of his post.)


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2 Responses to We Are More Than Shadows —-

  1. TRKN says:

    Oh my God! I’m just so touched and impressed. Million thanks for your lovely words. I have to correct two things, though 🙂
    First one is, I’m actually a HE 🙂 not SHE… but certainly above all I’m a human and equally sensitive about women’s rights, no less than any woman.
    Second one is, the original photo doesn’t belong to me. I only did some photoshopping and that was to remove the shadow of the walking man from the ground and replace it with a silhouette of a walking woman. So it’s basically a photoshop work more than photography for me. The text and idea also belongs to me…

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Tarkan, I am caught with my prejudices showing! Since I don’t know Turkish, your name didn’t tell me anything about your gender. And obviously I assumed someone who was so sensitive to the situation of women could only be — another woman. My face is red! But this is a situation where I am happy to be proved wrong! 🙂
      Your idea expresses a complex idea in a simple image. I admire that a lot.

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