RX for Winter: Eye Candy #15

This is the deck where the thermometer hangs which this morning reads 2 degrees Farenheit (-16 Celsius):

I am grateful to have this photograph to assure me that, despite today’s forbidding frozen landscape, it won’t always be winter and 2 degrees. Given time and patience enough —the sun will shine here once more on cascading flowers of summer.

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6 Responses to RX for Winter: Eye Candy #15

  1. pauline says:

    27 days till the spring of calendar-dom and probably another week after that, so… 34 days and you can start singing, “Everything’s coming up roses!”

  2. pauline says:

    Golly! If the snow has not melted nor the weather improved by then we can both run away to a warmer clime!

  3. Stef says:

    The flowers are beautiful.

    Interestingly, our house has that same red trim, too!

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