Eye Candy, with an Italian Accent —

Color-starvation is epidemic here. We’ve been posting blasts of color for a while to warm and delight eyes averted from our newly lunar landscape. Does anyone else remember the ad campaign of the Italian knitting company, The United Colors of Benetton? Well, guest photographers have begun adding to the colorful mix, and today it’s the turn of Carolina Perrone Carry.

You might think that with three children, two big dogs, one husband and a full-time job, she’d be fully occupied. But endless snow days present special challenges to moms and kids alike. Collage has been Carolina’s response.

Get these colors, though! Here’s one, called aptly “Everything… but Winter”:

Collage by Carolina Perrone Carry

and another (done a little before the snow mountains had turned into Everests):

Vaso Vivo, Collage by Carolina Perrone Carry

They’re bold and witty, especially the living vase, like la bella donna herself, and to my mind they’re saying, Winter, take that!

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