Need Color? Grow it Yourself!

“For a photographer who shoots in color, winter is a challenge.  Aside from looking for subtle colors in the snow and preparing colorful, delicious food, I’ve surrounded us with flowers.  I started with the vibrant amaryllis and then added the paperwhites.  Best of all was my discovery of the jasmine plant.  With tender, special care, having only little tolerance for temperatures above 65 degrees, I’ve had weeks of lovely white flowers together with one of the most delightful scents imaginable.  It fill the whole room with a spicy, sweet fragrance that is intoxicating.” — Martin Greene

Guest poster Martin Greene lives and photographs indoors and out in the Berkshires —  here is winter “color” at Jug End in Egremont:

and anywhere else he finds himself:

For instance, in a doorway in Spello, Italy.

Thanks for today’s eye candy, Martin —

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2 Responses to Need Color? Grow it Yourself!

  1. Kathy Friedman says:

    Your photographs always delight.
    Obviously, as we have one in each place.
    Thank you for the pick us up in this terribly white winter.

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