Ring the Bells —


Convergence, painted by Br. Eric de Saussure, of Taize

Ring the bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering,

There is a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in.

—- Leonard Cohen

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6 Responses to Ring the Bells —

  1. Therese Bertsch says:

    Lenny’s message has punch! It brings you right to the point. It sort of runs parallel to what Brother Jose used to say (something like) Our imperfections are what make us approachable to one another. I loved seeing Eric’s painting out there. I posted an interview on facebook in which the Irish poet talks of how the body is the vessel for the interior life and his Irish family lived out their relationships in the dailiness of life with those who are present beyond the threshold of the visible. So today you came to my home for a visit and brought Brother Jose and Brother Eric along. Thank God for cracks in everything!

  2. Frances Trott says:

    Lovely sentiments. Hope the light always comes through…

  3. pauline says:

    Perfection is hiding in everything 🙂

    And how about this for a crow crowd name – a caucus of crows –

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