Update on Today’s Countdown:

Today didn’t start out as a great morning. It was gray and chill and drizzly-ish, for openers. Then I was struck by a fierce spasm of jealousy (another blogger’s deep and thoughtful post dwarfing my frivolous little post), and then there were lots of boring errands to run in incredibly crowded stores. All in all, I wasn’t in an especially cheerful mood when I came upon orange construction signs and a cherrypicker and some other trucks ahead blocking the way — but then I actually LOOKED at the orange sign. It read


That broke my grumpy mood all right, and the smile has persisted since, and so what I want to say here is THANK YOU to the Race Mountain Tree Services Company, of Sheffield, MA. I’m sure you’re all really competent and trained and experienced tree people. There are lots of other competent tree companies, though. But nobody I’ve come across has your sense of fun, and I’m grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


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3 Responses to Update on Today’s Countdown:

  1. fb says:

    I am sure these creatures were from our home planet, but just possibly could they have been moonlighters.

  2. pauline says:

    Amazing how a little smile can change your whole day, eh? Love the idea of earthlings in trees and the clever, playful mind that thought of it 🙂

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