Her Welcome to the World…

Writer and blogger Pauline Clarke’s daughter Cassie finally delivered Adalina Bella, an independent-minded child, who arrived when SHE chose and not according to anyone else’s timeline. This is Pauline’s poem to welcome Adalina, and celebrate the wonder of a new existence:

I know the how of the blue, blue sky-

something to do with optics and eye shape

and dust particles

and light,

but not the why of blue,

or of sky, for that matter-

just like I know the how of relationships,

the bloodlines and heartstrings,

the kinship and convolutions of caring,

but not the why of love

or of being, for that matter.

I only know that the moment I saw you

and touched your cheek with mine,

the world stopped

and started again as a different place

a place with you in it.

I am delirious with the idea

that it can never go back to before you


Pauline, the Bard of the Berkshires for my money, can be found at Writing Down the Words.

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One Response to Her Welcome to the World…

  1. pauline says:

    The Bard of the Berkshires! Whew! (And thanks 🙂

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