Who Has Seen the Wind?

Three consecutive days of hard slashing rain had me waterlogged, mind, body, and spirit.

On the fourth day a strong wind sprang up, and at last it whisked away the rain, but then the wind refused to depart, and stiffened instead. So we drove down and parked a while at Stockbridge Bowl, and watched the whitecaps on the lake (it was a very stiff wind) and listened to the tiny waves slapping the shore, and to the voice of the wind. And I thought of Christina Rossetti’s poem:

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I:

But when the trees bow down their heads,

The wind is passing by.

I took my Digital Elph and tried to capture a portrait of the wind.  But without a video camera, the leaves wouldn’t tremble and the trees did not bow down; they were still and frozen. So I searched on YouTube and found many attempts to capture the wind in motion and music, including one by Yoko Ono, rendered (by her?) in a small whisper like a tiny strangulated ghost, or like Marilyn Monroe. But there was one sung by Sonne Hagal that was okay, and was filmed in moody B/W. Not at all what my windy day was (the sun was yellow and the sky piercing blue), but the reeds and the trees and the water were much the same. You can judge for yourself. Can you see the wind?

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