Update on the Lazy Feckers

From our Irish correspondent:
The latest news on the said Lazy Feckers is that Fergal came to my door this afternoon to ask me to cease feeding them. This will be no problem for me since they keep me busy and feeling guilty if I don’t keep filling their hungry beaks.
They are Sparrows, not Starlings. I’m glad to have this confirmed since watching the wonderful display of Starlings in formation on the blog. The ones I have been slaving over for the past month or so are, by contrast, a bunch of ruffians. I’ve washed the feeders and will put them away until the sparrows find other free meals elsewhere. Hopefully, sometime soon I can try again to see if I can coax other, more worthy birds to come and enjoy a more leisurely meal.
Berna: FYI, here is a sparrow! (An American Sparrow)

Sparrow, NOT Lazy Fecker

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